About the EADPH

The European Association of Dental Public Health was founded in 1996 as an international and independent science-based forum for professionals having a special interest in dental public health and community dentistry.

Dental Public Health is the science and art of preventing oral diseases, promoting oral health, and improving quality of life through the organised efforts of society. This concerns not only actions directed at populations as a whole, but also at groups and individuals who make up populations.

EADPH organises an annual meeting where exchange of information takes place between researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. Meetings consist of plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers and free contributions.

EADPH has several Special Interest Groups. These groups consist of members with a specific interest in a particular area.

EADPH collaborates with Community Dental Health External Link as its official journal. Each issue contains the EADPH Newspage where members can exchange relevant information.

For further information on EADPH, past & future meetings, and activities of Special Interest Groups, please re-visit this website or, alternatively, contact Huda Yusuf the secretary of EADPH.