Welcome to the BASCD Presidential Meeting and EADPH Inaugral Meeting 26th to 28th March 1996

Dear Colleague

I am delighted to welcome you to Dundee to the BASCD Presidential Meeting and the Inaugural Meeting of the European Association of Dental Public Health.

This is a memorable meeting with a trio of firsts. It is the first BASCD Presidential Meeting since the change in the Constitution which has unified our membership. I shall be your first lady Preseident. It is the first meeting of the EADPH. We have much to celebrate with a promising time ahead for the discipline and for both societies.

This decade has been a time of great change within Europe. The first session of the conference will give us all an opportunity to consider health care provision and how our different system affect oral health and equity in care.

There are 30 posters with presentations from many countries sharing research and developments in areas of public health including service organisation, preventive programmes, epidemiology, and health needs assessment.

Dental caries is still a chronic disease of public health significance in Europe and fluoride remains our best preventive agent. In formulating policies we need to review developments in fluoride vehicles. We well be considering the options we face in recommending and implementing fluoride strategies appropriate to population needs.

This occasion provides us all with a unique opportunity to meet with colleagues working in dental public health from across Europe. It is a chance to forge new friendships and learn how others have tackled similar problems.

I wish you alll a successful, stimulation, and productive meeting.

Dr. Cynthia Pine
BASCD President 1996/1997