Governance and Transparency
Policy on Conflicts of Interest

EADPH’s reputation for honesty and transparency is a vital professional and organisational quality that depends upon the commitment of all members, partners and colleagues to act in accordance with EADPH’s Conflict of Interest Policy and all applicable laws and regulations.

It shall be the personal responsibility of each individual EADPH member to declare all conflicts of interest, and potential conflicts of interest, when EADPH business is being transacted.  If members are uncertain of the need to make a declaration, then the best approach is to make a declaration allowing the issue to be considered by the EADPH executive council.  Failure to declare a relevant conflict of interest may lead to expulsion of an individual from membership of EADPH and may involve referral of an individual to their national police force for consideration for a criminal or civil prosecution.

EADPH’s reputation depends not only on the conduct of its own members, its executive council, but also on the conduct of those with whom it does business. It is EADPH’s goal to ensure that all of its business partners and sponsors reflect the same high ethical standards and demonstrate a commitment to compliance with all laws governing their activities, including laws prohibiting bribery or corruption.

EADPH’s Conflict of interest applies to every EADPH partner and all of its members.

EADPH as an association of members must take personal responsibility for any and all our actions and behaviour and use our best judgment in all matters affecting EADPH. We will not spread unsubstantiated rumours or make false statements or engage in other unfair practices intended to damage our partners or members.

Our business relations are governed by integrity, transparency and we will strictly comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, including those focused on foreign corrupt practices. We work to build positive and cooperative relationships with our members and stakeholders. While hospitality and tokens of appreciation can strengthen relationships, we will not use them to buy or unduly influence business relationships or decisions.

EADPH as an association will neither engage in, nor tolerate any form of bribery, corruption, theft, embezzlement, extortion, or the use of illegal payments. We will not make any illegal payments or confer any other type of illegal benefit on any individual, company, international organisation, or public body for the purpose of influencing decision-making.  We will not offer, grant, demand, or accept bribes, illegal payments, payoffs, kickbacks, incentives, or lavish gifts, entertainment, favours, or other benefits in exchange for business opportunities with or related to EADPH’s activities. Violations of anti-corruption laws may invalidate contracts and result in criminal sanctions and fines.

The private interests of members and their personal considerations shall not affect the executive council’s judgment to act in the best interest of EADPH. We will avoid any activity or situation that may lead to a conflict between our private interests and EADPH’s organisational interests.

We will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and EADPH’s rules, guidelines and instructions concerning data protection, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Cybersecurity.

It is our responsibility to ensure Confidential Information gained by virtue of our business activities with EADPH is held in strict confidence, not improperly used, and not disclosed to collaborators or third parties. EADPH encourages people to raise concerns with members of the Executive Council in good faith, in confidence and without fear of reprisal.

EADPH will not tolerate retaliation, discrimination, or disciplinary action against anyone who in good faith, raises reasonable concerns of attempted, actual, or suspected misconduct or violation of any provision of the Code of Conduct.

Roxana Oancea & Colwyn Jones

11th January 2021